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Mirakin is a manifestation of the free spirited traits of a jet setting nomad who loves an unconditional approach to life. Mirakin gets its name from the words “Meraki” (leaving yourself, your soul, your creativity in something you do) and “Kin”(means gold in Japanese). We celebrate the perfect fusion of technology and creativity with exquisite designs and having fine jewelry aesthetics to make a utopian world for premium jewelry. Each piece at Mirakin is made with love and is crafted using sustainable materials and fondness for a distinctive Japan Fusion design. Mirakin is a union of ethics and aesthetics, born out of love for modern minimalism and style. To us, jewelry is more than just an accessory; it is a part of your lifestyle and wellbeing that should be treasured every day. With our jewelry, we aspire to be able to share priceless tales.

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